How is public transportation for wheelchairs in Columbus, Ohio?

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Public transportation for wheelchairs is plentiful in Columbus, Ohio. In the past 10 years Columbus has made navigating the city with public transportation easier for those that live in a wheelchair. There are public buses, door-to-door service, and local cab companies that are now available to the disabled.

The Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) has over 70 fixed bus lines all over the city. All buses are have a ramp that extends out onto the sidewalk. The degree of the angle on the ramp is comfortable for the person to get on without worry of tipping back and having an accident. The buses are equipped to fit up to three wheelchairs at one time. This is a great mode of public transportation for a person in a wheelchair when a lower cost is needed and your time is not hurried. If you have a Key Card (application at COTA) which is their disability pass the cost is $1.00 each way, or $2.25 for a day pass. If you do not have a Key Card, the cost is $2.00 each way, or $4.50 for a day pass.

COTA also has smaller buses that offer door-to-door service. In order to receive this service, there is an application process that must be met. Once you gain permission to use the service, you call and schedule the rides from one to seven days in advance. A lift at the side bring you into the bus. They strap your wheelchair down so that you do not move around while the bus is in motion. The cost is $3.50 each way within 3/4 mile or $5.00 each way beyond the 3/4 mile of a bus stop. This service is great for those that cannot navigate a bus on a fixed route, and also great for rainy or snowy days that make it difficult for those that rely on a wheelchair to get around.

Another option for public transportation for wheelchairs is the Yellow Cab Company. They have vans that are wheelchair accessible that are available for those last minute appointment or if you are from out-of-town. The rate for Yellow Cab is a $3.00 initial charge and $2.02 per mile. This company charges the same amount as their standard cabs.

There are several other services for non-emergency medical transportation. They each take different insurance plans and you need to contacted each company for their service. This is a great service for those that need to be able to get to the doctor or have a treatment and is able to schedule to make sure that appointments are met.

Columbus, Ohio has made sure that their citizens and visitors in wheelchair have a way to navigate the city. Not only is a person in a wheelchair is able to get to work and do their routine activities, they are also able to visit theaters, restaurants, and attend sporting events. The person in the wheelchair can go anywhere at anytime with the help of the public transportation offered in Columbus, Ohio.

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